Welcome to DEEP FIRE U.S.A.

DEEP FIRE (HK) was formed by four active airsoft players from Hong Kong in early 2003. They started by specializing in performance tuning of airsoft rifles and creating high performance custom guns.

They soon realized the limitations of the technology at the time and decided to research designing and manufacturing products to overcome these limitations, and to enhance the performance and useful life of airsoft rifles.

DEEP FIRE now manufactures all of their products under the mission statement of "Power through Performance". Their goal is to provide the highest quality and most reliable airsoft products available in the world. Deep Fire has a very unique perspective and approach to design, due to the Fung Li management team's dedication to the advancement of the sport. The company is comprised of experts in mechanical engineering,

production and quality control. This combination of sound knowledge in design, development and manufacturing of products is what separates Deep Fire from the competition, they know what customers want and listen to the feedback from the players.

DEEP FIRE USA is also comprised of dedicated Airsoft enthusiasts, who strongly believe in the revolutionary work that has been done in creating products that raise the performance bar. The launch of the worlds first Titanium piston series was just the beginning stay tuned for more innovative products coming soon from DEEP FIRE!!